PSI — Personal Strengths Inventory

It’s all about behavior… not personality!

PSI is unique, it’s a non-judgmental behavioral strengths and motivational drive assessment technology. Unlike most familiar “personality tests” that merely measure STYLE or categorize people into BOXES, PSI objectively measures 7 common interpersonal behaviors and 4 preferred work-related priorities – it’s simple, self-explanatory, and comparative.

PSI defines individual strengths, explains interpersonal differences, eliminates judgment, develops trust, and builds collaborative relationships.

Business cultures determine human performance and success. Whether organizational or team, cultures are created through relationships, not email or text messages, or other forms of indifferent communications.

Use PSI to develop non-judgmental transparency and relationships that understand one another, trust one another, and capitalize on one another’s strengths.

It’s easy! You can do this!

No special training required!

Here are some sample BEHAVIORAL STRENGTHS comparisons from one of PSI’s eleven different self-explanatory reports. See just how simple it is…

PSI Report

PSI strategically helps:

  • Uncover the different Behavioral Strengths of individuals and how that impacts their work and a team
  • Give insights into improving better Communication with individuals and the team as a whole
  • Create a more customized and quality Workstyle Feedback for Talent, Management and Leadership of an organization
  • Helps create a more cohesive team that is aligned and positioned to succeed from the pre-employment stages through Engagement and Retention phases of Talent Acquisition. The results are:
    • Hiring the Right Talent for the right role
    • Saving time and resources on hiring mistakes made by placing the right Talent in the wrong role/team
    • Avoid losing great Talent to competitors because their strengths are mistakenly viewed as liabilities to the organization because they were not utilized in the right role
    • Empower managers to manage talent more effectively, and unbiased through improved and customized management techniques that are specific to the talent being managed

HR Application of PSI:

  • Selection
  • Onboarding
  • Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Building
  • Training
  • Train the Trainer

Educational Application of PSI:

Just as in our professional careers, who we are, what we are like and what inspires us, all have a significant impact on how we learn. PSI can help students become more self-aware and better understand how their unique personalities and intrinsic internal makeup can be leveraged as strengths, and utilized to the fullest potential for productivity, if applied to the right field of study.

  • Teachers and counsellors coaching students
  • Students selecting the right courses
  • College students selecting right career track
  • Encourages appreciation of diversity of thought, action and expression
  • Designing customized teaching/learning plans for students
  • Schools offering the right courses and sequencing of courses
  • Helping to better assess student’s challenge areas in order to help them overcome those challenges