Our Story

With decades of corporate and consulting experience working with, and connecting clients with different Human Resource Business solutions, CEO and President, Ruthie Lee-Esene, SPHR, SHRM-CP founded Sirvist HRC, LLC in 2016 in Houston, Texas.

Sirvist HRC is a strategic Talent Acquisition and Human Resources Consulting company. Our goal is to strive to create strategic partnerships with organizations that help them meet the needs of the ever-changing workforce. To this end, Sirvist HRC has helped organizations realize profitability by leveraging and maximizing the strength of their human capital.

Sirvist HC is committed to partnering with each client to discover, understand and then evaluate their business needs as well as culture. We then design a strategic actionable plan that is tailored to address each client’s specific business needs keeping the organization competitive, competent, and compliant while remaining aligned to the organizations mission and over-arching strategic short and long-term goals.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Sirvist HRC serves clients in Texas, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Mississippi. Sirvist HRC completes over XXX searches each year. Our clients include leading Energy and Power corporations as well as the Educational, Non- Profit and Governmental industries.

Our Vison

We aspire to add-value and foster partnerships with business leaders, managers, teams and the community at large in order to create a culture of candor and transparency where all stakeholders trust, respect, and leverage their differences for the common good.

Honesty & Integrity

Honesty and Integrity are at the core of everything we do. One of the key elements in relationship building and management is the ability to trust and be trusted. We work hard to earn your trust.


We work with utmost respect for our clients, colleagues, competitors and communities we work in.


We work in an ethical and transparent manner.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with high-quality, and strategic competitive human resources services, that are in strict compliance with legal, moral, and socio-economic standards. To build a greater awareness of the importance of human resources as a capital asset and a transformative partner that bridges the gap between organizations, people and processes.

Our Team

Ruthie Lee Esene SPHR, SHRM-CP, HRPM is the President /CEO of Sirvist HRC. For more than 15 years, Ruthie has provided consulting and advisory services to a broad array of clients and organizations of all sizes on all aspects of executive compensation and benefits, including helping organizations to comply with regulatory requirements and Government Best practices. Ruthie’s areas of expertise include high level organizational development, training, benefits and administrative services, workforce planning, retention program development, Talent Acquisition, Training and development, Payroll, out placement services, mediation, H1B visa Services, and employment contract review.

Ruthie is a member of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) and is certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources. Ruthie is also certified as a Human Resources Project Manager. She is passionate about contributing to the nurturing, mentoring, growth and development of the next generation of strategic minded HR leaders and so serves as an Adjunct Professor at Rice University, Houston, TX, where she teaches Human Resources Education and PHR/SPHR preparation courses.

Ruthie served as former Board of Director for C-STEM, Fort Bend County Dispute Resolution Center and other non-profits serving the Houston and Fort Bend county areas.

Vicente Olvera is a recent Psychology graduate from the University of Houston and currently a HR Associate for Sirvist HRC LLC, responsible for Candidate Recruitment, Candidate Onboarding, and HR Management. He pursued Psychology with the hope that it would better help him understand how people think and feel in certain situations. With this knowledge he pursues a career in Human Resources wanting to create better working environments for the employees in his organization, thereby increasing employee retention and growth. Vicente has always had a heart for other people and has always tried to bring out the best in them, asking them to look at what they can do and realize their potential. Outside of work he enjoys mentoring young men and women professionally, creating music, playing sports, and being outdoors.

Growing Businesses,

Our Approach

1. Search Approach

The challenge of creating a cohesive, productive and effective team of employees for an organization is often mistakenly viewed simply as the task of Recruiting. As a result, many organizations spend time, energy and resources on only hiring an employee and often overlook the equally important step in Talent Acquisition – Retention. There needs to be a shift in thinking around the hiring process.

Organizations need to shift from just tactical “hiring” to strategic Talent Acquisition where placement, training, engaging and retention of great Talent are all priorities. The pivotal question should change from, “Is this person going to be a good fit for this position?” to “Is this person not only a good fit for this position, but also for the organization as a whole.


For organizations to successfully grow and be profitable, hiring HR managers need to strategically match the right talent to each role with the organizations over-arching mission in mind, keep them engaged, and committed to helping to bring the organization’s strategic short and long-term goals to realization.
Sirvist HRC Approach to Search is simple, strategic and consultative. We partner with our corporate clients, job seekers and adapt to their individual needs, requirements, and implementation of their strategic goals. We focus on matching the right Talent with mission driven organizations.

2. HR Consulting Approach

We have a consultative approach to the practice of Human Resources. We are passionate and highly convicted about providing value to both the organization and candidates, with the primary purpose of developing and fostering long-term successful business relationships.

We begin by building and nurturing relationships with our clients. Then, we ask the right probing questions that strategically point out the business or personnel issues and challenges to be addressed. Finally, we strategically partner with our clients in brainstorming the best solution options that help mitigate or solve problems.