C-STEM Manager, Accreditation and Programs


C-STEM is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization that provides STEM education support services to enhance the lives of underserved and underrepresented PreK – 20 students. The mission, vision, and goals of C-STEM drives the work the organization leads in the community. Largely, revenue generated from services, grants, and fundraisers is invested back into C-STEM programs and services. In your role as Manager of Accreditation and Programs the work tasks will include and not be limited to maintaining accreditation records and completion of reports; development and management of the Integrated C-STEM Training Institute (ICTI) asynchronous training program; development of curriculum and related activities; management of grant funded programs; completion of grant reports, collection of data, development related to training, programs, and grants; participation in community/stakeholder meetings, marketing/promotion of programs, training, and opportunities C-STEM offers/provides, management of staff/consultants/contractors, maintaining accreditation standing with IACET and increasing participation in training and programming. Sales of training and Challenge teams registrations.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Developing curriculum and implementing related activities associated with programming (15% of time):

  1. C-STEM Challenge PreK-2nd Grade and 3rd-12th grade Programming (i.e. Toolkits and Curriculum)
    Distribution of Robotics and Robotics, Mosaic Mural, Sea Turtle Sculpture, Innovation, Photography, Coding, Film, and Debate toolkits. Some grants identify schools to receive toolkits and curriculum and other grants rely on C-STEM to identify schools to receive the toolkits and curriculum. C-STEM has a data base, 20-year history work with schools, and community relationships across the United States that are to be leveraged to form/reinvigorate partnerships to get toolkits and curriculum to students.
  2. Survey distribution and collection of data from students, teachers, parents, and volunteers.
  3. Lead and support partner and funder calls/meetings.
  4. Provide updates/reports


Quarterly Accreditation self-audit of processes and policies

Each quarter you will complete an inspection of existing processes and policies. You will ensure all documentation provides evidence and examples of actual activity or practices. It is not enough to have a policy and not have evidence of it being communicated. After completion, you will take note that the self-audit has been finished and save a copy of the filled-out self-audit annually this leads to completion of the IACET annual mandated report submission and payment of membership fees. (5% of time)

Complete reapplication for Approved Provider status

Every five (5) years, we must reapply for Approved Provider (AP) status. Five (5) months before the AP expiration date, you will attend a free webinar, found on the IACET website, about AP application/reapplication. C-STEM just completed first year with an accredited training program. Our reapplication must be submitted three (3) months prior to the AP expiration date to ensure everything goes smoothly. With the annual self-audit and documenting along the way, it is anticipated that this will not be a strenuous process. (15% of time in audit year/5% non-audit year of time.)

Development and maintenance of training modules (Integrated C-STEM Training Institute)

You will develop new training modules and activities, update training, and/or modify existing documents, and digital materials. Maximize the training platform, ProProfs, and the social network, which are utilized to train and collaborate with teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, and STEM education leaders. You will also lead communication to trainees and points of contact related to training. You will answer questions, serve as customer service, online, and phone support. You will do updates where applicable to process and/or policy to improve training
experience, reduce liability, and maintain relevancy. You will also maintain and gather documentation and develop reports based on schools/districts’ participation in the training and identify quantifiable data metrics to show impact/gains/measures/completion rates/demographics as a result of participating in the training. Send completion certificates to trainees with CEU’s calculated on the certificate(s). (15% of time)

Community Engagement

You will participate in community/stakeholder meetings electronically and/or in person to ensure partner relationships are maintain and awareness of the work C-STEM is doing and the opportunities that are available. All efforts should provide the documentation, evidence, and examples of activities, opportunities, collaborations, prospects, and best practices to support the creation strategies to support increases, retention, expansion, and scale Confidential – Manager, Accreditation and Programs 2 participation in training and programs (15% of time)

Volunteer Engagement

Maintain schedule for volunteer engagement to support programmatic activities, administrative support, and toolkit kitting support. (10% of time)

Management of community volunteers to support work projects at C-STEM one Saturday monthly

  1. Volunteers work on projects associated with certain tasks such as:
  • Design and construction of robotics fields for PreK-12 students
  • Packaging of toolkit contents and assembly of toolkits
  • Delivery/shipping of toolkits
  • Competition volunteers at school(s) as judges, set-up and tear down of competitions, packaging of materials on loan to schools, managing survey stations, distribution of prizes, loading out and loading in of materials on loan to schools
  • Guest speakers at schools


Internship Program

  • Management and oversight of undergraduate and graduate student internship program. (10% of time)


Staff/Consultant/Contractor Management

  • Management and oversight of all staff, consultants, and operations. Trouble shoot office issues. (10% of time)


ICTI Registrations and Sales/C-STEM Challenge School/Team Registrations

  • Management of registrants, sales of trainings, meet minimum sales targets and Challenge teams, and oversight over C-STEM Challenge site-based competitions and nationally hosted competitions; Maintain partner MOU’s. (15% of time)


Skills & Characteristics:

Minimum Qualifications:



Location: Houston, Texas

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